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Ceramic Coating

We apply ceramic coatings to Cars, Trucks, and SUV's of all types and sizes.

St. Petersburg’s Premiere Ceramic Coating Professionals

We pride ourselves on learning about the latest ceramic coating products and techniques to protect any vehicle.  We’ve been applying ceramic coatings to various types of vehicles for many years and have been professionally trained by the ceramic coating manufacturers that we work closely with.  We only use the best ceramic coating products that we have tested for ourselves and are confident that you will get the top of the line protection for your vehicles paint or gelcoat.

What are the advantages of installing a ceramic coating?

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Ceramic Coating keeps your car clean and shiny drastically longer in between washes, requiring much less maintenance to keep that brand new look.

Protection From UV Damage

Ceramic Coatings will reduce the damage done by UV rays and slow the process of oxidation.

Helps Prolong the Life Of Your Paint

A Ceramic Coating protects the exterior paintwork of your car from aging and deterioration caused by wear and tear.

Improved Gloss & Clarity

A quality automotive Ceramic Coating will create a smooth and glossy finish that enhances the appearance of your car’s paintwork by adding depth and clarity.

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Before Ceramic Coating

Vehicles paints, gel coats, and other types of surfaces will have a dull appearance and can be easily compromised by contaminants and debris. 

With Ceramic Coating

Vehicles paints, gel coats, and other types of surfaces will look newer and more vibrant.  Not only will you get a showroom look but you’ll also protect your vehicles surface from contaminants and wear.

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