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Out of all the different ways to correct vehicle paint damage, the 3 stage paint correction method is the most effective. Using any of these three techniques, defects may be quickly and permanently fixed, without resorting to hologramming or artificially removing swirl marks. The three methods all focus on a distinct approach to polishing paint using a machine. Learn everything there is to know about 3-stage paint correction in this article by The Detail Doctor of Tampa Bay.

a 3 stage paint correction Detail Doctor of Tampa Bay Petersburg FLPreparing a surface for a paint correction

It’s necessary to wash the paint before making any changes. Lingering contaminants may cause swirl markings after polishing. Apply cleaning solutions and then use a foam cannon to remove any dust or debris that has settled on the paint. After washing the automobile, we use a premium microfiber towel to dry it off. The kind of clay bar used is decided by the degree of pollution on the paint.

To prepare the paint, you may use clay bars to remove any leftover debris and impurities. After being dried off, the vehicle is rewashed using a touchless car wash. Protective coverings should then be placed over the emblems and trim. 

The three stages of paint correction 

In the first step, we’ll correct the main problems.

Depending on the severity of the issues, we will either use a rotary or a dual-action polisher to remove the surface imperfections. Even the most severe scratches and swirl patterns may be removed using machines with rotating parts. You might try using a polisher with a dual-action mechanism to eliminate minor flaws. A cushion made of wool or a densely sliced cushion is often employed in conjunction with each machine. In this phase, we often make use of a cutting compound that is designed for heavy-duty cutting.

The second step is to refine the paintwork.

The second step in the process aims to enhance the paint quality to the greatest extent that is practical. If this stage is completed successfully, the one that comes after it will be considerably less complicated. It is common practice to use a dual action polisher, a medium cut pad, a compound, and a polish at this stage. We will concentrate on only one aspect at a time to determine where to position panels and how to combine them. If the vehicle becomes dirty while we work on it, we will rewash it.

The last step is finishing polishing.

The procedure for correcting paint includes polishing the paint as the very last stage in the process. When you finish, the paint will have a more fantastic sheen and a more brilliant glitter than before. We begin by working on a single panel at a time while using a dual-action polisher in combination with a finishing foam pad and a sensitive polish. After giving the paint its finishing polish, we inspect it to ensure no polishing residue has been left behind.

Why should you think about having your paint corrected?

Prolongs the paint’s expected lifespan.

Imperfections in the paint are like magnets, drawing in and collecting water, oxidation, chemicals, dirt, and other impurities, which will eventually cause the paint to disintegrate over time. There is a risk of rusting and corrosion, which are complex and costly problems to fix. Paint correction removes these flaws while protecting them from further damage.

Bring out the luster in your car’s paintwork

Paint correction is the process used to correct the defects in the clear coat. Polishing the paint will restore the previously brilliant shine and the glossy look it had before. Your vehicle will give off the impression that it is many years younger due to the more modern paint job, which is brighter and has more vibrant colors.

Detail Doctor provides the best paint correction in Saint Petersburg, FL

Detailers at Detail Doctor of Tampa Bay have abundant experience, which enables us to ensure that your paintwork will be polished to a degree equivalent to that of a showroom. Consequently, the resulting paint correction is of the highest possible quality. Our highly trained crew will see that your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention to detail! You may visit us at 5565 64th Way N Suite C in Saint Petersburg, Florida 33709, or you can give us a call at (727) 492-7050.

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