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Detailing a boat is essential to maintaining it properly and keeping it in good condition, inside and out. In addition to the purely cosmetic advantage of having a clean and shiny boat, there are several practical advantages to making frequent use of boat detailing services. However, many boat owners are still not aware of the many benefits that detailing offers. Some boat owners are still asking themselves “why should I detail my boat?”. Detail Doctor of Tampa Bay will take you step-by-step, through why you should take advantage of boat detailing and the benefits it has for your watercraft. 

Why choose boat detailing?


Safeguard both your investment and potential resale value.

It is true to say that individuals who opt to detail their boats before selling them can get a higher price. With the help of boat detailing services, you can make your vessel look newer and in better shape, increasing its worth. If you detail your boat regularly, not only will you get a higher price when you decide to sell it, but it will also remain in better shape for longer, so you can enjoy spending time on your boat! 

Prevents algae from growing on your boat.

Your boat will be clear of any algae or other fungus developing on the outside if you have a professional boat detailing service done by experts. This prevents your boat’s finish from being damaged by the fungus in question. Keeping up with regular boat detailing services will help avoid this from happening, clearing your boat of any fungus before it becomes trapped and becomes more difficult to remove. The longer fungus is allowed to lie on your boat, the more difficult it is to remove. Regular boat detailing prevents this issue. 

Extend your boat’s lifespan.

Boat detailing is essential if you keep your boat moored at a dock. Your boat’s finish is at risk of being damaged by various objects in the water, which leaves it open to the possibility of being harmed by the weather. Maintaining your boat with regular detailing services will help protect it from additional damage and ensure that it remains in perfect condition for years to come. 

How long does the process of detailing a boat take?

It will vary depending on the size of the boat, but generally, detailing a yacht will take at least 8–20 days for a smaller boat and 45–60 days for a larger one. It is also dependent upon the efforts and quality of the boat detailers who are doing the job. 

How much does a boat detailing service cost?

Detailing a boat should only be done by trained boat specialists, and the cost will vary depending on the detailers’ skill level. The price is also contingent on the boat’s length, which must be specified. The price will be much greater if your boat is enormous. This is because cleaning a boat of such size involves significant effort and labor. In addition, cleaning smaller boats will require less work, so will be cheaper. 

Where can you find professional boat detailing? 

Detail Doctor of Tampa Bay is regarded as the premier provider of vehicle detailing services in Saint Petersburg. We are experts in every kind of vehicle, even boats! With decades of combined experience working on cars and boats, it is no mystery why customers choose Detail Doctor as their number one destination for all their detailing needs. We offer the highest level of protection possible and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Call us at (727) 492-7050, for more info about our boat detailing services. You may also reach us at our address in Saint Petersburg, Florida, 5565 64th Way North, Suite C. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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